Brotherlee Holiday Home Park: A Journey Through Time

Welcome to Brotherlee Holiday Home Park near Westgate, County Durham, a serene oasis nestled in the heart of a land rich with history. As you explore the beautiful surroundings and relax in the modern comforts of our holiday homes, it's fascinating to delve into the park's intriguing past. From its origins as royal hunting grounds to its transformation into a thriving caravan park, the story of Brotherlee is as captivating as the landscape itself. Join us on a journey through time as we uncover the history of this cherished destination.


1. Royal Hunting Grounds

Long before Brotherlee Holiday Home Park came into existence, these grounds were the exclusive hunting grounds for the esteemed prince bishops. Enchanting and picturesque, the park was favoured by the nobility for its lush forests, rolling hills, and abundant wildlife. It was a place of regal leisure, where the prince bishops would indulge in the pursuit of game and nature's tranquillity.


2. The Valley Railway

In the wake of the Industrial Revolution, progress came chugging through the valley in the form of a railway. The Valley Railway, with its majestic route, cut through the very heart of the park, opening up new possibilities for travel and trade. The railway brought with it a sense of connectivity, as people from far and wide had the opportunity to witness the park's natural splendour during their journeys.


3. Transition to Farming Land

As time passed, the land gradually transformed from hunting grounds to agricultural fields. The idyllic landscape proved to be fertile ground for farming, attracting the attention of brothers Derek and Peter Shaw. They recognized the potential of the area and began farming sheep and cattle on these rolling pastures. The brothers nurtured the land, forging a deep connection with the park that would endure for years to come.


4. Emergence of a Caravan Park

Word of the park's beauty and tranquillity spread, capturing the imagination of a few adventurous souls. Friends began setting up weekend caravans on the premises, drawn by the allure of nature and the peaceful ambience. Recognising the demand for a space where people could fully immerse themselves in the park's magic, Peter Shaw took the reins and developed the grounds into a charming caravan park.


5. Family Continuity

After Derek Shaw's departure to New Zealand, Peter Shaw remained dedicated to nurturing the park and providing a warm welcome to visitors. Over five decades, Peter's unwavering commitment transformed Brotherlee Holiday Home Park into a beloved destination for countless families and holidaymakers. Today, the family connection remains intact as Peter's nephew, Simon, and niece, Jennifer, join him in carrying forward the legacy, ensuring that the park retains its authentic charm and warm hospitality.


Brotherlee Holiday Home Park stands as a testament to the rich tapestry of history woven into its very fabric. From royal hunting grounds to the emergence of a thriving caravan park, this enchanting destination has evolved and adapted to the changing times while preserving its innate beauty. As you relax and create cherished memories in this haven, take a moment to reflect on the park's remarkable journey and the generations of stewards who have made it a cherished retreat. Welcome to Brotherlee, where history and tranquillity embrace you at every turn.